10 Worst Diet Tips Ever

It is necessary to stay in shape or according to your BMI. Excess weight or under weight is always bad. There are hundreds of people telling you hundreds of things regarding what is to be avoided and what not. Some are good, some do not suit your body and some are totally wrong. Weight loss tips that you get are not all effective as there are plenty of reasons why you are not losing weight. However, before starting out on a diet plan ensure that you have a good plan that will suit your health and body.

10 Worst Diet Tips You Should Avoid:

You simply cannot believe all that is written in the magazines or talked about on the television. Some things are absurd and there is absolutely no scientific proof for that. There are many people who completely stop eating egg yolk, or sugar, or French fries etc. Such hard rules are many times unnecessary and one can easily lose weight even after eating some of these foods. Of course over-eating is bad for all so do take care of it and most importantly, watch what you eat and simply don’t stuff food in your mouth just for the sake of filling your stomach.

1. Detox diets

Now what are these diets and why use them at all. They do not ensure flushing and cleansing of the body. In fact, it is not necessary to use the diet to lose weight and to cleanse the body. Your body can manage that by itself.

2. A strict low calorie diet

A low calorie diet can actually gain more weight. The concept is clear, when you consume fewer calories, your bodies will increase the metabolism and when you eat, it does not go back to the normal position and thus adds the calories.

3. Miracle food diet

Use of supplement to reduce weight or the pill that works wonders are always easy ways of weight loss. However, there is no such thing as miracle food diet. No ingredients can do magic. If you want to take multivitamin pills it’s alright, but weight loss supplement diet pills are of no use.

4. Gluten free

Giving up on gluten protein is not the best idea. It is found in wheat, rye and barley, etc, which is fine if you are suffering from celiac disease or gluten intolerance, however for weight loss program, it simply does not work.

5. Blood type diets

You might be surprised to hear, but there are diets according to the blood types. If you are O+ then your diet is different from B+ people. It is completely unnecessary to get into such diets. Some people are discouraged to eat fish proteins etc if they are from O blood group. There are no studies that prove the theory.

6. Baby food diet

This one is also an absurd diet plan. All the jars come with mashed food and simply cannot help lose weight.

7. Raw food diet

Sticking to eating only fruits and vegetables that are not cooked can be good in the initial days of dieting, but only a few days. There is no scientific proof about this diet as well.

8. Fatless diet

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Although fat increases weight, you have to have good fats that are found in salmon, nuts and avocadoes. However, avoid chips, greasy foods and cookies.

9. Calorie free diet

Diet without calories is impossible. So do not try it. Burning of calories is important and also calories differ from food to food. Calories in cake are different from calories in apples.

10. Protein diet

Having only proteins is not healthy. The body also needs carbohydrates, fats and other essential elements and you cannot deprive the body of fiber and antioxidants too.