Are Infrared Heaters Safe

Are Infrared Heaters Safe

Space heaters and infrared heaters are two different types of heaters that have two different levels of effectiveness.  Don’t get them mixed up as infrared heaters are completely safe while normal space heaters are not so safe.  Space heaters are known to cause fires and can cause dangers for children and animals.  Newer infrared technology does not emit any harmful rays and also does not cause fire danger if used as directed.

Although this may not be for all infrared heaters as there are in fact cheap infrared heaters on the market who cut costs by cutting out safety mechanisms.  Just like anything in life, you pay for what you get and when you get a quality infrared heater you get a heater that is designed and constructed with fire proof technology which will let you rest assure knowing your home is safe. 

Infrared heaters are quickly becoming the favorite among space heaters for the fact they are much safer, much more energy efficient (producing 99% of electrical energy into infrared energy) and the quality of the heat produced is said to be much more enjoyable.  Infrared heaters can be safely used in many different settings, just understand that infrared heaters do work differently then normal furnace heating in that they do not heat the air, they simply heat on contact of an object much like the sun works when it hits our skin.

Trim your heating bills up to 50% and enjoy a infrared heater that lasts for years.  When looking for a space heater years back, my brother and I did our research and if you do yours, you will see why customers are buying 2-3 and even 4 infrared heaters at a time.  Once you get one you’ll need one for the entire family.  

Safe?  You be the judge but when you understand how infrared heaters work and what they were designed to do, I would hope you too would agree that infrared heaters are in fact safe.  From Infrared Heater Select, we would never sell you something that may put you or your family in danger.  We really wish you a happy hunting in finding the right infrared heater for your home.

Shope our selection of infrared heaters here!

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