Avoid Wasting Energy With The Worst Type Of Weight Loss And Fitness Routine

If you have made the decision to try and lose weight then you are probably aware that some exercise will be required. Many people hate it but it is something that needs to be done. But one of the reasons people dislike it so much is because it is very boring. The usual fitness routines will usually be of a slow pace and take a long time. It really does not have to be this way though.

You might have followed a plan like the one that I will describe below. Most people have at one time or another.

In efforts to get fit and lose fat, you join the gym, and start hitting the treadmill or elliptical trainer. You begin with three periods a week. However these 30 or 40 minute sessions don’t appear to be doing very much.

So, being very determined, this person, who could be you or I, adds another session, convinced that this’ll make the very important difference.

Before you know it, we’re looking at 5 sessions, which we’re completely satisfied will do the trick, particularly as we’re watching our eating regimen too. Yet, one way or the other the fat is not going anywhere. Now, if you do this you might really feel ‘fitter’, at first, however no one is noticing any distinction within the shape of your body.

The End Result

So you keep working at it, till you start to feel drained, worn down and now not feeling fit at all. Wow, that’s fairly irritating- all that effort and you really feel worse than whenever you started.

Sure, you are feeling ‘better’, at first, however don’t discover any fat loss, long after a routine’s had an opportunity to work. So you keep upping things until you’re feeling like you have been hit by a train, with no vitality to spare.

Why Does This Occur?

What many people don’t notice is that aerobic exercise really trains your body to store fats, in preparation for the next session. So, even when, within the short time period, it appears easier to climb a number of sets of stairs, your physique is preparing itself to go through the motions within the future.

After all, fairly easy work like climbing stairs might feel easier, but this type of routine doesn’t really help with anything more intense. If you are requested to go outside of the realm of reasonable paced exercise, you’ll discover your physique is not that effectively adapted.

In essence, cardio exercise makes your physique good at ‘straightforward work’ however doesn’t actually improve your body’s capability for anything harder.

The Different Choice

Thankfully, there is an alternate, which is becoming more and more widespread in the world of fitness and fat loss. Where, once, cardio exercise was dominant, science has proven that other types of exercise are far more effective.

If you wish to burn fats, then you want to consider a program, that provides you high intensity, resistance based exercise. In other words, you work hard, for a brief period, with the intention to really increase your physique’s capacity for work.

This sort of training burns fats, after the exercise is completed, rather than storing it up for next time. This important distinction is down to the truth that the harder your physique works, the extra power it needs to restore your muscles.

The Benefits

And, as you’re working intensely, for brief periods of time, you don’t spend all day at the gym. It’s common for this kind of routine to last 15-20 minutes, a few occasions a week. You need to rest between periods, in order that the total impact is felt, as your physique repairs itself.

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This is actually a fitness routine where you can feel happy and positive about it. You can get plenty of rest and recovery time and not spend hours each day just to achieve some small results. Burning fat in the most productive way can be complicated to grasp in theory, but when the work has been done for you, you just need to follow the plan and watch the fat fall off.