Old World Elegance Makes a Fashionable Comeback Tapestry Handbags

Old World Elegance Makes a Fashionable Comeback Tapestry Handbags

Few men could ever truly understand women and their obsession with handbags. For most women, a handbag is not just a functional accessory, the handbag is a fashion statement. True, there are so many different types of handbags available on the market, but not all of these handbags can be considered “fashionable.”

If you were to view handbags in a fully functional and utilitarian perspective, the handbag allows you to carry your wallet, your mobile phone, keys and even your makeup kit. You don’t need humongous pockets when you have your handy handbag with you. But handbags also serve a huge aesthetic purpose. They help define your personal style.

Although a lot of people would argue that the content of a woman’s handbag would tell you what she’s like as a person, fashionistas would point out that the woman’s choice of handbag style and design would show you how much or how little she knows about good fashion.

Your best bet when it comes to handbags would be to purchase a simple black leather clutch or handbag. The problem is that although black leather is always elegant, it can also be pretty boring. What better way to show off your personality than with a colorful and completely artistic tapestry handbag?

Tapestry-making is actually an age-old art form. In the olden days, huge tapestries were created by weaving together colored weft threads and warp threads with a vertical loom. These majestic and intricately woven tapestries were used to adorn palace walls and castle interiors. Today, tapestries and tapestry-fabrics have another function—and that is to act as great materials and fabric for garments and accessories, like the tapestry handbag.

These days, the tapestry handbags you will find on the market, whether they’re designer or designer-imitation handbags, would feature simpler and smaller designs. Most tapestry handbags feature floral, paisley or repetitive geometric designs instead of whole pictures. These elegant and colorful handbags create a fusion between modern functionality and old world elegance.

When choosing your tapestry handbag, you have to consider several aspects. First would be the size of your tapestry handbag. Determine the size of your handbag based on the things that you would need to carry depending on the occasion.

During formal occasions, most women prefer small handbags and clutch bags. But for everyday use, a bigger handbag would allow you to bring along other valuables like your makeup collection, your mobile phone and even small notebooks and electronic organizers.

Next, consider when you will use the tapestry handbag. More ornate tapestry handbags complete with tassels and silver clasps should be used for special occasions. You wouldn’t want to spill your latte on an expensive and elegant designer tapestry handbag. Also consider if the tapestry handbag would complement or clash with your outfit. Your bag may be too decorative for a bright suit, so choose a more subtle and less embellished tapestry handbag if you’re the type of person who likes to wear prints and colorful garments.

Finally, you will need to consider the price of your tapestry handbag. There are a lot of high end fashion designers who create elegant tapestry handbags complete with pretty steep price tags. If money isn’t an issue, then by all means, go for a Louis Vuitton, a Chloe, a Fendi, Prada or Gucci handbag. But if you’re working with a budget, then finding a beautiful tapestry handbag in vintage stores and thrift stores can be an excellent option.

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